Gabriella Bordó

Beauty Mentor. Makeup Artist. Educator.




I LOVE what I do and always have. Humans, women especially, are powerful and magical, it is my honor to work among you. I am delighted that you are here.

Makeup is an accessory. It should be fun and interesting, always.

Our worth and self perception rely so heavily on our looks and makeup is a massive component of the equation. My mission here for my individual clients is to nurture healthy relationships between makeup and humans, foster foundations for beauty based on health first - products second, guide through the saturated sea of products, and teach you how to use them!

For my more corporate clients, I offer a truly professional makeup artist in Chattanooga, TN with the skill, background, professionalism, and work ethic of what you’d expect in a larger city.

All that aside I endeavor to be kind, exude positivity, create beautiful art, teach others to heal, and investing in the wellbeing and happiness of my clients, big or small.

After 8+ years of doing makeup, professionally, and two years out of the industry, my feelings about how and what I do with makeup as an artist and professional have changed. I believe in freckles and lines. I believe in dewy, fresh skin that looks like skin, eyebrows that look like eyebrows, lashes that look like lashes, and humans that look like humans. I believe makeup is an accessory, never a mask. It should be fun, always, and interesting, always. If you’re looking to get snatched, baked, or contoured to the gods, and it isn't for an editorial shoot or Halloween, I am not your makeup artist. I am more than capable of those techniques, but I do not believe in them for my clients. You know who you are. If you need an artist for your film, shoot, headshots, boudoir, or just need creative consulting for your project, I am your human. If you barely wear makeup or none at all and need to look your best for an event, your wedding, or to have your picture taken I am your make up artist. If you love fresh, polished, glam, but not too much looks that you see on celebrities like Whitney Port, Solange Knowles, Cate Blanchett, Kerry Washington, or Gigi Hadid, just to name a few, then I am your makeup artist. I can’t wait to work with you! Be well and live in the light, always.


 Hello friend, I am Gabriella.

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Let me get it for the Gram!
— Gabriella Bordó

Quick fire get to know me

  • Plant whisperer.

  • I LOVE roller skating (my skate name is Sunshine).

  • Cappuccinos & Negronis forever.

  • Favorite author: Anne Rice.

  • “News” is not my jam.

  • Sci-fi is.

  • Birkenstocks and expensive blazers.

  • Oprah is life.

  • I have fancy handwriting.

  • I am obsessed with flowers.

  • Cleo Wade is my doppelganger.

  • Capricorn or Cancer rising if that matters.

  • Santal 33.

  • I detest capital “G”s.

  • Call me if you want to bounce your dreams off of another brain.

  • Rap is my favorite music but My Morning Jacket is my favorite band.

  • Better in person than on paper, hands down.


  • and animals.

  • and anything living.


  • I love talking about myself, so if I missed anything, just ask.



Background & Experience

I stumbled into makeup at a very young age. Each woman in my family has always had eccentric taste and an unhealthy relationship with makeup. My mother and mamaw were no exception. Of all the iconic women in the world, I always think of them when I think of blue eyeshadow and red lips! They both loved that look and my Mamaw rocked it almost every day of her life. Safe to say, it runs in the family. Artistry in general does. I am among incredible painters, sketch artists, calligraphers, knife makers, and am an painter myself. Between watching Martha Stewart design a room, my aunt paint rocks, my mother paint her eyes, and my uncle sketch buildings and carve jewelry, I have always had an innate flair for design and artistry. It has been a gift and skill that I have nurtured and enjoy not only as a profession but also a hobby.

I am a native Chattanoogan! I studied art, nutrition, biology, and natural medicine at various universities in the area and on the other side of the country.

I am also a United States Army Veteran. I served my country as a Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Specialist. That was my actual job title. For all my fellow battle buddies, that’s a 74 Delta, Hooah!

My professional makeup career started seven years ago with Chanel. It was a HUGE deal to me then and, looking back, the best decision I ever made for my career. It exposed me to EVERY kind of woman. Taught me deeper empathy and accelerated my artistry skills. I later went on to be a regional artist for the brand, working events and traveling locally.

Outside of Chanel, my freelance career took off. Before I knew it, I was working weddings, music videos, photoshoots and cranking prom girls out like no one’s business.

As my time with Chanel came to a close, I decided to dive deeper into skincare and took a position with Philosophy as a skincare representative and advocate for the area. I remained with the company as I pursued my interests with health and nutrition at Bastyr University.

When that chapter ended I returned to Chattanooga, worked a few freelance gigs, took an artist position with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, then chose to take a step back from the industry.

I had the privilege of working with Melanie Casey Jewelry as her Director of Digital Design & Marketing (left field or what!?). Did I learn business? DUH! And from such a powerhouse! The lessons she personally and professionally taught me have proven potent and absolutely priceless.

During my tenure with MC I discovered two passions/hobbies that turned into more professions! I am a roller skating instructor and graphic designer!

Yes, quad roller skating. I teach others to be comfortable on skates and help them find their freedom on wheels.

My MC chapter found its close and I felt art and health pulling me back to the right side of the brain! I chose (AKA they chose me) to become a Wildflower at Wildflower Tea Shop and Apothecary as an herbalist in training. It was at this shop that my makeup business was rebirthed into existence. Although my wildflower time has met its close, I find myself growing yet another blossoming business… it has to do with roller skates… any guesses!?

I am a proud graduate of Co.Lab’s Co.Starters Cohort.

So here I am, multihyphenate-small business consultant-Graphic Designer-Roller Skater-Makeup Artist-Entrepreneur-Manager————

I am BACK with more effervescence, business savvy, tenacity, and charisma than ever!


Time for some name dropping!

I have worked with…

Mattie Waters

Jules Downum

Sean Geer

Gregory Williams

Billy Willis Photography

The Dance Cartel

The Turnbull

Thicket Floral Design
Floral Designer

ReGeered Media
VFX / Matte Painting

Our Ampersand Photo

Sara-Anne W.

Angela Jordan

Rachel Petrillo

Angela Jordan

Eve Maret

OK Crowe Photography
Wedding Photographer

Jessica Eubanks

Tim Cofield

Billy Willis Photography

Dance Lab

Lorna Yousif
Hair Stylist

Becca Paschall
Photographer & MUA

Julie Holder Photography

Oakleaf Cottage

Cornelius Heard

Summer Eller
Hair Stylist

Kristen Morton
Hair Stylist

Maddy Talias

Shaun Cox
Wedding Planner & Officiant

Southerly Flower Farm
Botanical Artist & Flower Farm

Powell Market
Market & Venue

Ramblewood Events
Event Planning & Design

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Chanel Makeup artist
2011 – 2015

freelance makeup artist
2011 – present

philosophy skincare consultant
2015 – 2016

bobbi brown makeup artist
2016 – 2017



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..she is one of the few artists I know whose blending skills are up to my standards!

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