Consulting - What to expect

For those that like a play-by-play, this is for you. Also, it doesn’t hurt to feel prepared for a big change.

Email me if you have any further questions




Free Consultation

30 minutes

First, we set up a time to meet in person. It is usually a 30-minute chat at your favorite coffee shop. This is your chance to ask questions and decide whether I am a good fit for you and vice-versa. From here, we schedule your first session.

Once we arrange our first session,

  • I email your agreement complete with your invoice that you can pay and sign on your phone!

  • You are officially my client. You can call or text me anytime that you need me going forward. Period.


Session 1

1-2 hours

Session 1 takes place in your home. We will need a well-lit room, chairs, a bag, a trash bin, and some courage! 


  • Check your purses for rouge lipsticks and powders

  • Get all face washes out of the shower and your gym bag

  • You get the idea.

First, I ask you some questions about your goals, opinions, expectations, and needs.

Secondly, I will observe you: 

  • Removing your makeup

  • Cleansing your skin

  • Applying your everyday makeup

While you are doing this, I am furiously taking notes on your technique, products, etc.

Next, once you are finished with your routine, I will go through each product that you own and we will talk about what it does(or doesn’t) do for your skin/look.

  • We will keep some products.

  • Some will get a gold star to be used up but replaced with something better.

  • Some will need to simply go into the trash/recycling.

  • Others will be donated to friends/family/or my kit IF you do not have a home for them

I will answer your questions and we will schedule your final session.



Once I leave your home, I get to work!

  • I shop for you. Offering three options to replace products or for adding new ones to your routine so that you can decide where your money goes

    • $$$ One High-End Product

    • $$ One Mid-Range Product

    • $ One Drugstore Product

  • I compile your shopping list into a shoppable PDF that you can shop straight from your laptop/phone!

  • I email you your list and you get to go shopping! (I offer in-person shopping with you if needed)

  • Once all of your products have come in, it is time to have me back into your home.


Session 2

1-2 hours

This is the fun part!

  • We open all of your new things and I ask you to remove your makeup and cleanse your skin with your new products while I demonstrate proper technique

  • We apply your new everyday makeup routine

    • I explain the technique

    • Ask you to execute said technique while I coach you through it on one side of your face

    • Then, I will perform the proper technique on the other side of your face for a second reinforcement

  • I will answer your questions and we schedule a phone call two weeks out to check on your progress.

    • If all is well, I am here via text, email or phone call whenever you need me.

  • If we need more work, we can schedule another short session

    • I will send you a new invoice as needed


Post Consulting

Call, text or email me anytime with your beauty questions. At this point, I consider us friends.



If you refer a friend to me, I will send you a “lived-in” makeup video tutorial straight to your phone for you to refer back to and 10% off your next session.